IT Vendor Management

Technology Vendor Management

IT Vendor, Warranty, and Hardware Management.

Our vendor management service works with third-party vendors to help you reduce bottom-line expenses and present solutions on which hardware and software suppliers will work best to suit your needs. Our service ranges from a simple consultation to the more in-depth program of infrastructure management.

With our Vendor Management service, we take a physical inventory of all of your hardware and software along with serial numbers, warranties, registrations, licenses, and configurations, keeping them both documented and updated to limit downtime when something needs addressed. Anytime you having a problem with a particular part of your IT, all you have to do is call us.

Since we have this information on hand, we will take the time to handle the third-party relationship with the necessary vendors on your behalf, eliminating that burden on you. It also helps that we speak technical jargon, so vendors are less likely to point fingers because we can specifically tell them the solution we expect them to implement.

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